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Justin Ross

Senior Consultant

Justin is a highly skilled professional with an Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) certification, representing his expertise in maintaining and repairing emergency vehicles. As a dedicated individual, Justin ensures that our shop remains at the forefront of outfitting technology. With a genuine passion for the rapidly advancing Emergency Upfitting Industry, he remains up-to-date and well-informed about the latest developments in emergency equipment across all industry-leading brands.

He actively engages with each client, working closely with them to provide the most capable, reliable, and tailored service vehicles. With Justin’s qualifications, experience, and unwavering dedication to excellence, he plays an integral role in maintaining our shop’s reputation for delivering top-notch service and cutting-edge emergency vehicle solutions.

Chase Corwin


Chase specializes in Safety & Utility Vehicle Outfitting as well as Vehicle Graphics of any type and excels in maintaining operational workflow/efficiencies within our shop to ensure Clients vehicles are delivered on time. His attention to detail with each and every outfit is key to making sure every vehicle is built to Client specifications.

Chase’s desire to build on personal relationships first is fundamental to his success in exceeding the needs of each Client. He has landed Clients such as TransDev North America, UC Davis Fire and others because of his professional relationships and the high expectations he holds for himself.

Chase also handles the duties of social media guru for Pride Outfitting. We take Pride in our work and there is no better feeling than sharing it with the world.

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